About Pushing Past Plastic

Having moved from Wales to the Limousin in France, our family held a dream of becoming self sufficient and leaving as small a mark as possible on the planet. While the long term and more expensive goals include proper insulation, rain water harvesting systems, solar energy, reopening a nearby well for water, and living off of the land, the short term goals are to change the way we shop.

Christmas 2018 saw the house filled with plastics, much of which is recyclable, much of it was not. Whether reuse is possible or not, the process of plastic is always energy draining for the planet. With that in mind, our family goal is to see Christmas 2019 being one of zero plastic.

We are taking this year to focus on stopping our expenditure on non recyclable plastic products, and transitioning recyclable plastics for sustainable alternatives. This is a year as much to do with learning how. It’s going to be gradual, and we know there will be trips and traps along the way. Still, we have a year to learn, to adapt and to change – this blog charts the journey.